Chinese Year of the Rooster

Aaron brought to our attention this is the “Chinese Year of the Rooster”. Really didn’t plan our rooster evening because of that…just worked out that way.  So interesting how we all paint the same subject and they all turn out so different and so fun to do.  Some of these aren’t complete but I wanted you to see our Saturday and Friday night’s work anyway.  The completed ones I’ll post next week.







Debbie S (not Complete)



August School project

Ann (Not Complete)

As you can see, we had a full class this past week and four people didn’t even come. This week I will be adding a new class on Thursday and any new students will be coming on that evening, so this is a great time for you to start if you’ve been talking to me about joining. We’d love to have you and it really is a very relaxing hobby to start. Just a reminder, I also have a Tuesday class at noon and of course the Saturday class for the kids at ten.

Hope to see ya then,

Vacation over, new posts



Back from vacation and students have been especially busy.  Tami stayed with mom while I was gone and took over the studio with her own classes with Kimberly, Tyler, and Nate joining her to do most of these.

I completed a few commissions after returning, the cat and another pop art dog.  This bulldog was so much fun…would love to have more commissions with personality like this little guy.

This past Friday, Leslie and Sandy joined me to paint ones they were working on and then tried their hand at their first acrylic.  Acrylics can be quite a challenge but they did great on their first.

Hope you can join us next week,




Karen’s Christmas elephants

Karens elephant Kenny’s self portraitKenny Kimberly’s elephantsKims elephants Leslie’s black catLesliesblackcat Patti’s pop art dog commissionpop art for Lynne

raindeer raindeer2

Patti’s cat commission
Rosemarys Sandys acrylic houseSandys acrylic house Sandy’s horseSandys horse Tami’s Thanksgiving pumpkinTamis pumpkin Tyler’s patriot raindeertylers raindeer

Fall and Football in the air

Hi Folks – you can tell from these paintings that fall and football season is on! Nate and August painted their favorite teams; I did the fall scene for my acrylic class demo; Ginny completed her Italy street scene with gorgeous hanging plants; any pop art animals you see, expect to be mine (another commission); Gail did the purple flowers on a small canvas for a gift; Ann is working on her Christmas card for this year from a napkin and Tyler continues to amaze us for a twelve year old with that seascape. We told him this is one to frame and enter in the shows. Sandy completed her street cafe scene but I’m so sorry, I lost her image when she sent.

Many of you have asked about Heather not painting and we hope she’ll be back soon…she’s teaching high school english, moved to a farm and is trying to juggle five boys to numerous sports events.  WHEW!




another pop catIMG_0567 (1)

August Steelers

colorful leaves

Gails purple

Ginnys street in italy

Nates FS

Tylers seascape


Fall scenes, Heather’s mailbox, Patti’s cat commission, mice & scenes from Italy

Another great group of painters this past week….some complete, others watch for update on the next post.

No class this next Friday in the studio but if you’d like to paint with us at Art Walk downtown Huntington, I’ll be doing a demo in acrylic and if you like to join us, let me know so I can bring enough supplies for all. The cost is $30 and all supplies are included, but if you choose to come and bring your own supplies, there is no charge and I’ll still be assisting you with your painting. If the weather permits we’ll paint outside the store on the sidewalk which is always a great experience for the visitors and for us as you gain confidence painting with an audience.

Hope to see you there,


Anns fall sailAnn

commission pop art cat


fall sail boad


Heathers mailbox



Jinnys Italy street scene


Leslies cups


Pattis demo fall - oil

Patti – oil

Pattis fall sail - acrylic

Patti – acrylic

Sandys french room


Tylers black treeTyler


posts for two weeks

Karens wild flowersKaren

Augusts baby sealAugustAugust giraffe:elephantAugust

Augusts german shepardAugust

Karens angel fishKaren

Karens purple fishKaren

Leslies cupsLeslie

pattis wild flowersPatti

Sandys sassy roosterSandy

Sandys third roosterSandy


Tia's cuties Patti


Sorry I’m sending so many this week…these are actually two weeks and a few are still in progress. Hope I’m not forgetting any.

Trying to make this website a little easier for you to read so I’m still trying to work out bugs and make it visibly neater to read.

Thanks for sticking with us,



Just a few to see

Slow week…sure will be glad when vacations are over, even the kids out this week.  But we do welcome a new student, Leslie who did a great job on her first wild rooster.  This one is a favorite for all to do and is very useful in showing new students about the use of oils and composition.  These were done on that left over paint canvas and all three are on 16 x 20 stretch canvas.

The one of the boys at the “Fishing Hole” is one of mine revisited.  It always had the three boys on the left which are Heather’s kids, but when she remarried a few years ago, Bernard came with two more. So that’s the two I just added on the right.  Quite a large painting, about 40 x 48 oil on stretched canvas.

The stacked cups are Ann’s and next week she’ll complete with the two mice and the last, the lady bugs and dragon flies, is the acrylic demo for the class downtown on Monday.  Come if you can….you’ll have fun, I promise!


AnnAnns stacked cups

Fishing HoleBoysFishing Hole

LeslieLeslies wild rooster

PattiPattis demo dragonflies

PattiPattis wild rooster

SandySandys wild rooster

Sixteen to view.

Lots of work this past week….Hope you enjoy viewing their accomplishments. Think I have more enjoyment in these classes than the students. A couple of mine are included here.



AbbyAbbys owl

Alexs Christmas snake


Katelyns butterfly


Laundry acrylic





Nate & KimberlyNate & Kimberlys work

PattiPattis cups

PattiPattis happy dog

SamiSamis sunset with sail

SandySandys deer ShelbyShelbys little dancer

TamiTamis blue flower

TamiTamis chicken

TamiTamis longhorn

TylerTylers family map

More from those talented kids (including Sandy) who acts like a kid!

Olivia and her Nana are back this week after a time away.  Loretta will paint again next week but her grand daughter Olivia is working on this cool dragon; Sandy is doing one for her grandson which will be a deer you can’t see yet & she also completed her fancy lady which I just love; Shelby is working on that adorable little dancer and Shelby did the dream maker.  Both these girls are grand daughters of Sandy.  And last, August completed her love birds.

The Koi I’m sure you know is one I did since I’ve done so many before.

See ya next week,


Augusts love birdsAugust

Olivias dragonOlivia

Sandys hidden deerSandy


Shelby dancerShelby

IMG_1237Sandy (sorry It’s sideways)Sydneys dream makerSydney

Red KoiPatti