Kid’s updates

Anns palms Bethanys seascape Lorettas seascape Olivias hamster Olivias seascape briannas renoir Briannas girl in swing Karens stacked cups Kennys bird

The completed ones from last week include Ann, Brianna, Betheny, Loretta, Olivia, Kenny and Karen. Quite a few are still out on vacation but we hope to have everybody back next week. Thanks for viewing our art and once again feel free to leave a comment or let me know if you’re interested in purchasing any from our classes.

Trinity group

Brent,Terri,Mary, JoAnn Deb & Mary Deb, Mary & Terri May 12

Let me introduce you to a great group of folks who meet every other week at Trinity Episcopal Church at 520 11th Street in Huntington, WV. They have never painted before and I’m just having so much fun teaching them techniques in acrylics. This is our first three classes and I have their permission to post their first works here. They are Deb, Brent, Mary, Terri & Joanne. A great bunch and we would like to invite any in the area to join us. We meet at 2:00 pm in a huge fellowship hall for two or three hours or whenever we complete the painting. The cost is $30 and I furnish all materials. I’ll keep you posted on their paintings here so you can see their progress. I hope you’ll join us, just drop me an e-mail and let me know you’ll be coming. The next class is July 21st.

Update on the kids

Bugsys seascape Gails silver vase Karens black cat1 Karens black cat2 Kennys elephant Mistys Italy Pattis baby giraffe for Gail Pattis birdhouses Pattis kitten and bunny

The students & I completed these this past week: Bugsy is working on the beach seascape (16 x 20) with just a few more touches to complete on the houses; Gail completed the really pretty silver bowl with flowers(8 x 10); Karen did both of these adorable black cats (8 x 10); Kenny’s elephant in his usual Van Gogh style (8 x 10); Misty has been working on this lovely Italian coast (18 x 24) and she constantly surprises us with her talent; and lastly, the bird houses (12 x 24), little kitten with friend bunny (8 x 10) and the giraffe (8 x 10) are all three mine completed this last week. There were other students here this past week but I decided to only post the completed ones here for you to view and encourage with your comments.

We have such a great time in class and I want to encourage you to stop by and visit or stay and paint with us…we’d be glad to have you!