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No classes Christmas week so it gave me time to finish up on a few I needed to get completed. The little girl is one of my Great grand daughters and can’t you just hear the two thinking “Can’t we please go out and play?” The pig is just a small one, 5 x 7 I did for a guy who collects pigs and the poinsettia is done in acrylics for my acrylic class. Still not sure I like that medium but I’m at least getting used to it for these classes.

If the weather holds like this guess all classes will resume this next week and I’ll have more for you to view.

Happy New Year!
Christmas pig for Tom

acrylic poinsetta

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Kids still excited about Christmas

Small classes this week, guess everyone is getting ready for Christmas. The first one of the Christmas tree belongs to Bernice who added gold glitter which it’s hard for you to see here, but it’s very pretty. Little Christian really enjoys painting parrots and with each one you can see his progress; The one of the knight is done on a very large map 30 x 36 and Heather is doing it for the school she teaches at. Quite impressive to view in person. Not quite complete yet; Karen is working on the 12 x 20 Santa and is really looking nice; Sami has the owl and the night scene in progress and Vickie has the three bunnies, not quite finished also. One student here this week was Nathan but I neglected to get a shot of his….sorry Nate.

Bernices Christmas tree Bernice

Christians parrots Christian

Heathers knight Heather

Karens santa Karen

Samis night scene Sami

Samis owl Sami


Vickies bunnies

Still having fun with Christmas paintings

These kids are so talented and I’m having so much fun with them this Christmas. They are so excited to be working with Christmas themes and I’m blessed participating with them. A couple of these are really adults (I’ll let you figure out which), but if they’re in my class they’re all kids because we just have so much fun…..just like children. Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who allow me to have a part of their “growing up” years.

IMG_0035 KennyIMG_0036 PattiIMG_0037-2 IMG_0037 KarenIMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0041 Nate & BerniceIMG_0042