Snowy week here….burrrrrr

Just a few could venture out this week…we had 12″ of snow and very cold temps. Had to cancel all classes with the exception of one Saturday that August came and this past Friday when Sandy who only lives a block over, and of course, Bernice lives here. Sharon actually worked on her’s last Friday when the weather was better. Here’s hoping our snow is about over…only 26 days until spring…Yippee!

Bernices sail

Bernice’s sailboat

forest scene

Patti’s acrylic

Sandys white house

Sandy’s old house

Sharons bell

Sharon’s Bell

Augusts spotAugust’s dog spot

Workshop in Kimberly’s new studio

Had a great time this past weekend taking a class at Kimberly’s new studio & this is her second class teaching with a mother & daughter and myself. Her studio is spacious and has these huge windows providing lots of light, an area with a gigantic wash tub for cleaning up and bathroom facilities joining. This a great space and room for lots more students…we wish her well.

Happy Kitty

Patti’s happy kitty

Kenzies beach

Kenzie’s beach

Kimberly's new studio

Check out her new studio

Kimberlys class

Monica, Kenzie, Patti & part of Kim

Kimberlys students

Plenty of natural light and tons of room

Monicas sunset

Monica’s sunset

Mother & daughter

Mother & Daughter 2nd painting


Great group!

I’m posting here both the kid’s class from this past week and our last Thursday night class, which was loaded with fun students. They got a lot accomplished and started new ones. Sharon completed her cups and started this very large one of the bell that honors her son Paul who was one who’s life was taken on 9-11; Robin completed her spoons and we all thought they looked like they could just jump off the page; Sandy started another one of the impressionist horses and she also brought her three grand daughters who did the snowy mountains, “make a wish” and the balloons from the “up” movie; Heather started another background for the Marshall buffalo and the kittens are two I did for a cat show coming up.

Abbys snow pinesAbby


Augusts drips


Heathers buffalo

Kitty twins


PattiMaddies flowers

Maddies palm


Nate & August

August & NateNates drips

NatePattis persian cats

PattiRobins spoons


Sandys horses

SandySharons bell

SharonSharons teapot

SharonSydneys make a wish