Is that snow finally gone?!

We’ve had a ton of snow here, about 14″ when it finally quit. Enough! Was tough for folks to get here last week but hopefully, it’s over but we have seen snow here in April.

August, our Saturday student painted this little squirrel in the snow;Robin is working on this fawn as a gift for her brother who is a hunter (think he’ll get the message?);Sandy is almost finished with this yellow house; and Sharon painted this red bird and is still working on this huge painting of the bell. Class this week will be Thursday evening and again on Saturday and we sure hope the weather continues to improve.

See ya then….Patti

August's squirrel

August’s squirrel in the snow

Robins fawn

Robin’s fawn

Sandys yellow house

Sandy’s yellow house

Sharons bell

Sharon’s bell & Sharon’s red birdSharons red bird

Much better weather this week and a great group showed up.

What a great group in class this past week – Sharon is still working on that huge bell; Sandy, who loves to paint houses, started another yellow one; Gail had no idea I was working on the owls for my acrylic class and she had decided to paint one too; August painted the dog for a friend and also the purple flowers for her grandmother.

Hope you can join us this next week and you’re more than welcomed just to come watch and visit with us. Saturday is for the kids ten to one and Friday evenings for adults at five. Both classes are three hours and there is also a noon class on Tuesdays.

See ya then,


Augusts dog for friendAugust’s painting for friend

Augusts purple flower

August purple flowers for her Grandmother

Gails owlGail’s owl

Pattis owl Pattis owl2

For Patti’s acrylic class



Sandys yellow house

Sandy’s yellow houseSharons bellSharon’s bell