Patti’s 4 panel shadow box4 panel

AbbyAbbys daisys

AugustAugusts robin

Karenkarens pig

SandySandys another house

SandySandys Renoir

ShelbyShelbys Disney

SKSK s ladybug


Only a Friday class this past week and a few gals who haven’t been here in a while came…glad to see Sandy’s granddaughters again…they are the sweetest teenagers ever and for skipping so many weeks between classes, they amaze me with their talents. They always pick the most creative subjects and pretty much just progress by themselves.

Robin, Karen, Gail, Kenny and Heather couldn’t come but they all have works in progress, so we’ll catch up with them this Friday.

And just a reminder to the Saturday kids….this next Saturday is SNAKE DAY. For all who aren’t in this class I’ll post their work next week. They have been looking forward to this for months & I’m pretty excited too. Kimberly is coming in to help with this project and she’ll be here for the Friday night class.

Aw…real cuties this week!

Had to cancel several classes this week so here are the Friday night gals. Gail is working on “the fishing hole”….soon to have three kids added; Karen completed these adorable kittens and puppies; Robin did this amazing cat in the pop art style and the boat is one I copied from a current “Plein Aire” magazine…just for practice. Not one to sell but maybe will make a nice gift for someone. The masters copied to learn from each other so guess it’s okay for us.

GailGails fishing hole

KarenKarens puppies & kittens

PattiPattis ship

RobinRobins cat