Saturday kids & Friday night art walk



Here’s those creative kids again….they pick their own and just take off.  All of them are under twelve and just amaze me.

Jimmie tho is 89 and my oldest student whom I just love.  He’s been painting with me in the acrylic classes for about a year.  Sandy usually comes to the Friday night oil class but joined us for “Art Crawl” in downtown Huntington this week.  Check out the Herald Dispatch paper this week and do a search for “art Crawl” and you’ll see a photo of us.


AugustAugusts flowers for grandmotherAugust

Augusts horse


Augusts tree


Briannas elephant for mom


Briannas gift for Sarah


Briannas red lips


Jimmies field of flowers


Jimmies lobster


Nathans tree



Sandys lady


Sarahs pirate ship and fish



tylers abstract

TylerTylers tree

Kids are just so creative!

Brianna started adding tape to this anchor painting with painter’s tape and then they all wanted to do them. The anchor one is 11 x 14 but the others are just 5 x 7. Kids are so much fun! The pirate ship is Sarah’s and she’s coming back this Tuesday to complete.

Only Sandy was here for the Friday class and she completed that house she was painting and started the stylish lady. Sorry for the photo not cropped (& upside down)..she sent it on her phone & I couldn’t figure how to resize.

The elephant is a very large one I’ve just started with a sketch…hope it turns out well & you’ll enjoy following my progress…it will take quite a while to finish. Not sure why I wanted to do this one…hoping to show some charging and anger…does that say something about me????

AugustAugusts frog gift

AugustAugusts wolf

BriannaBriannas anchor

BriannaBriannas fathers day gift

Pattielephant sketch

SandySandys lady

SarahSarahs dolphin

SarahSarahs fish & pirate boat


Full class this week getting much accomplished!

Fun classes this last week….August and Nathan are painting their hands here for a hand print painting they are working on;Nathan also did the American flag fitting for 4th of July coming;August just fell in love with the qunnie pig; Robin still has the horse in progress as well as Sandy is taking great pains to get this real country house correct; the blue jays are one of mine for a demo; Kenny copied a Matisse this last Friday in class; Spring fling is just one I did for fun on that rough board after the stressful Blenko glass commission completion. Karen did the two long rectangle paintings of the cups and also the black and white flowers. And the last, Robin’s cloud study that is still in progress.

Check back in next week to see our progress and feel free to offer encouragement or critiques on the students work.

August painting hand

Augusts guinie pig

Blenko bottles

Blenko commission

Blue Jays

Spring fling

Sandys another house

Robins horse

Nates flag

Nate painting hand


Karens cups

Karens black & white


Robin cloud study

Snake Day is here!

Wish these photos turned out better but the snake is in my tree outside the studio and he weaves in and out of several branches. What a great time we had doing this. I think the kids had more fun climbing the tree but Kimberly and I really enjoyed designing and thinking up this project. So sorry the boys couldn’t come…they were at their dad’s that weekend. After we put the guy up in the tree, the girls came in the studio and painted the same snake to remember the day.


Augusts snake



Briannas snake









Kims snake

SarahSarahs snake