More from those talented kids (including Sandy) who acts like a kid!

Olivia and her Nana are back this week after a time away.  Loretta will paint again next week but her grand daughter Olivia is working on this cool dragon; Sandy is doing one for her grandson which will be a deer you can’t see yet & she also completed her fancy lady which I just love; Shelby is working on that adorable little dancer and Shelby did the dream maker.  Both these girls are grand daughters of Sandy.  And last, August completed her love birds.

The Koi I’m sure you know is one I did since I’ve done so many before.

See ya next week,


Augusts love birdsAugust

Olivias dragonOlivia

Sandys hidden deerSandy


Shelby dancerShelby

IMG_1237Sandy (sorry It’s sideways)Sydneys dream makerSydney

Red KoiPatti

Elephant complete??

I think I’m finished with this but I’ll just stare at it a while and will probably find something to change. Myself like other artists, never really feel their works are complete…..we’ll see and I’d really appreciate other eyes to make comments, even if you’re not a painter. Usually those folks are the best critiquers. (I’m sure that’s not a real word, but I’ve been known to make those up).


Elephant complete