Just a few to see

Slow week…sure will be glad when vacations are over, even the kids out this week.  But we do welcome a new student, Leslie who did a great job on her first wild rooster.  This one is a favorite for all to do and is very useful in showing new students about the use of oils and composition.  These were done on that left over paint canvas and all three are on 16 x 20 stretch canvas.

The one of the boys at the “Fishing Hole” is one of mine revisited.  It always had the three boys on the left which are Heather’s kids, but when she remarried a few years ago, Bernard came with two more. So that’s the two I just added on the right.  Quite a large painting, about 40 x 48 oil on stretched canvas.

The stacked cups are Ann’s and next week she’ll complete with the two mice and the last, the lady bugs and dragon flies, is the acrylic demo for the class downtown on Monday.  Come if you can….you’ll have fun, I promise!


AnnAnns stacked cups

Fishing HoleBoysFishing Hole

LeslieLeslies wild rooster

PattiPattis demo dragonflies

PattiPattis wild rooster

SandySandys wild rooster

Sixteen to view.

Lots of work this past week….Hope you enjoy viewing their accomplishments. Think I have more enjoyment in these classes than the students. A couple of mine are included here.



AbbyAbbys owl

Alexs Christmas snake


Katelyns butterfly


Laundry acrylic





Nate & KimberlyNate & Kimberlys work

PattiPattis cups

PattiPattis happy dog

SamiSamis sunset with sail

SandySandys deer ShelbyShelbys little dancer

TamiTamis blue flower

TamiTamis chicken

TamiTamis longhorn

TylerTylers family map