Chinese Year of the Rooster

Aaron brought to our attention this is the “Chinese Year of the Rooster”. Really didn’t plan our rooster evening because of that…just worked out that way.  So interesting how we all paint the same subject and they all turn out so different and so fun to do.  Some of these aren’t complete but I wanted you to see our Saturday and Friday night’s work anyway.  The completed ones I’ll post next week.







Debbie S (not Complete)



August School project

Ann (Not Complete)

As you can see, we had a full class this past week and four people didn’t even come. This week I will be adding a new class on Thursday and any new students will be coming on that evening, so this is a great time for you to start if you’ve been talking to me about joining. We’d love to have you and it really is a very relaxing hobby to start. Just a reminder, I also have a Tuesday class at noon and of course the Saturday class for the kids at ten.

Hope to see ya then,

Compare Ballerinas

Last week I showed you a ballerina I completed for a lady. When I presented it to her she just adored it but when she got it home and put in next to her purple couch, she said she didn’t feel the pink looked well with the purple. So she requested purple…I post here again for you to see the change and maybe a little lesson for the fellow artists who follow my posts. The change was reworked with just a purple glaze then added light blue for the highlights. I have to say I really preferred the pink but the customer is who I desire to please. She hasn’t seen yet so I’ll have to tell you in another post if she still wants to purchase. Lesson learned for me….get more samples of the colors they have in mind. Let me know which you like.

The bulldog is another commission I completed for a Christmas present….Fortunately those folks loved it. The gardenias are 12 x 24 and will be for sale at the Huntington store.

Christmas Commissions

These are all commissions I’ve completed for Christmas presents. With the exception of the hummingbird, which is still for sale and can be viewed at the Huntington store. Seems lots of folks are interested in having their pets painted this year, both with pop art style and regular, which is tons of fun to paint. If you’re interested in having yours painted, just give me a call.

I’ll be posting the students paintings in another post. They’ve been busy and I haven’t posted them for you since before Christmas but you’ll see in a following post.

Thanks for viewing these and once again we welcome your comments or maybe come visit our class or you’re welcome to participate anytime.