Patti & students

This past week shows some that complete and others still in progress.  Some students couldn’t make it this week so a few are missing but please continue to follow and you’ll see them again next week. Karen and I are working on miniature roaring twenties ladies for her tables at the restaurant and they are only about 4″x4″.  You’ll see several this week and probably more next as she has twelve tables.

This first is by me…a commission I completed this week for La Famiglia Italian restaurant in Huntington…16 x 20 oil on canvas.

Patti’s Twenties Ladies

Karen’s ladies

August (school project)


Debby SL (acrylic on slate)

Ann (commission)

Dee’s Landscape

Aaron (Renoir)

See ya next week.  Thanks again for following our works.

Catching up

These are from a few weeks back when I couldn’t get my website to work so I really want you to see what everyone is working on.  Most are complete but there are a few they’ll be working on this next week.

Aaron (Renoir copy)

Sharon (her little puppy portrait and dolphins off her coast)


Debby L

Sandy (sorry for angle view)

Dee (this is three panels about 4′ wide)

Heather (Christmas Story – she put on her the door of her classroom for a contest…she teaches at South Point High)

Debby C (she reworked this one after I took this shot)

Patti (Tim named “Bird Bomb”)

I have others I haven’t posted yet but don’t want to overwhelme you….I’ll catch up on the others later. I have 16 students now and most have works in progress so I plan on waiting until they complete to post here.