Welcome to new student Linda

Since we have almost everyone starting a new painting, I thought this week I would post their in progress work.

This is Linda’s first class and in progress

Gail & I added a little wren to the floral still life we completed

Karen & I still working on the “Crumpet Ladies”. Remember these are only 4″x4″..not very easy for portraits

Aaron completed the grapes/jug

Ann is also starting the geraniums on that rough board

Leona’s daisies

Kimberly has the base on this walking path…looks very abstract here but will be very impressionist when completed

Debby C. is working on this large sailing ship as another commission piece

Check back next week to see most of these completed. And remember, you can click on each image for a larger view.

Carol T’s yellow lab

Here is the commissioned yellow lab I was promising I would post as I worked each stage. This dog is a therapy dog that is now 14 years old and not going to make it much longer. The owner wanted a painting of her when she was just a pup of five years and I was very glad to paint for her.

The sketch:

The background first:

First draft:

Adding Nose:

Completing face:

Completing scarf and whole painting:

Calling this complete and hoping the client is pleased and hope you enjoyed seeing the progression of this painting.

Another fun filled week with Gail, Sandy, Debbie S, Debbie C, Aaron, Dee, Ann, August, Leona, Karen, Ann W, and John.

Full classes this week and many new projects started. I said I wasn’t going to post the works until they are completed, but Debbie S is starting one I’d like you to view along with each stage. I always try to encourage students to be “patient with the process” as early on you have what I call the “ugly stage” and they want to give up. Hers is a great example for you to watch as she does each layer and I know she won’t give up even tho this is one of her very first oils. This is a Monet type impressionist work that will be done in layers and I’ll post hers with each class until it completes and I hope you’ll enjoy following along.


Gail completed her Geraniums

Sandy’s bedroom scene that I didn’t post from last week and a really colorful garden scene this week

John’s sailboat (his second oil)

August did this catfish for her brother’s birthday

Debbie C commissioned Siamese

Leona completed her barn scene and this map where they vacation often

One more in our series of “Crumpet Gals” by Karen

Thanks for following us….look for updates next week and remember, you’re always welcomed to join us to paint or just to have a glass of wine and watch us as we enjoy painting.


New paintings and a 1st time student, John.

Here’s the ones that completed this past week:

Karen and I still working on the “Crumpet Ladies”. We have six to go…these are to be on the tables at a special party at Karen’s restaurant. ┬áThe are all 4″ x 4″ and you know how I hate to paint small but Karen loves it:


John (his second painting)

Aaron (on slate)

August (school project)

Gail (almost complete)

Debby (revised and new one, both on slate)

Ann’s commissioned portrait completed

And Sandy did the coolest bedroom scene but somehow I lost the image.

I’m also working on a new dog portrait that I’ll be sending you shots of in progress. ┬áReal excited to share the process with you. And Debby C. and Dee are still working on large paintings that I’ll wait until they are completed before I let you see.

Check back next week and remember, you can click on each one to see an up close image.