A bunch!

A bunch of works completed this past week and some still in progress:

Karen and I still working on the mini “Crumpets Ladies”. Just a few more to do.

Ann just needs to add her little bird.

Sandy completed her granddaughter and is working on this city scene.

Ann still progressing on her adorable puppy.

John making progress on his grapes/green jug.

Gail – love this one!

Kimberly’s impressionist path coming along.

Debby S completed her Monet copy.

Dee did this little chick for a Easter present.

Kenny – great story with this one…see the face? That just appeared while he was working on the background, then it resembled a close friend of his who died. He decided to not add the subject he first intended to paint.

Debby C perfecting her cats…she completed three more.

The umbrellas are mine on that rough board.

August working on Swans.

Hope I didn’t leave anyone out….Thanks for checking out our class work.