Welcome new students Larry, Jessie and Peggy



This was a week of demos….mine with new students and a group one with the Saturday kids. The blue birds on the wire were the demo I did for August and Brianna who joined for a lesson in a textured background.   Kids take to new challenges so quick and they loved using a knife to get this effect in oil.


Brianna then painted this whale on a 12 x 24 canvas in acrylic and I showed her how to get the effect of watercolor.  She is  thirteen and already on her way to becoming a great artist with much enthusiasm for creating her own works.


Larry and Jessie are new this week and I did a demo using one of the old master’s works, Victor Bauffe (1849-1921 Dutch).  Larry isn’t new to oils and Jessie is a great photographer who wants to learn oils.  This is Jessie’s first and I guess you can tell, Larry isn’t new to oils.  I rushed them to complete in this one class in case they don’t decide to return, so I’m sure they would have done better if I had not rushed them.Leona also painted this one but I missed getting a shot of hers.


Peggy was also new this week and the demo I did with them was the one I’m sure my other students recognize as the flora Renoir reference you have all probably done with me.  Linda brought Peggy and I look forward to working with her in future classes.  Linda also completed the Renoir.


Debby C has a great start on this new one:


Gail completed her “Purple Door” for her sister.  This one is quite a challenge but she did great and I know her sister will love it.  She actually picked the photo for Gail and requested this a year ago.  She comes in town soon so Gail completed it  just in time.  I love purple in paintings!


I missed getting photos of the ones John, Leona and Anne were working on but you’ll see them new post.


Thanks for following.



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