Demos, florals and birds

Full classes this past week so I’ll mainly show you the completed ones.  I did four demos on the rough left over paint canvas’.  A technique that is really usual that everyone enjoys.  The first four are the my demos:


Ann & Debby doing the Sunflower one


John & Penny and Karen


These two are Kennys – he only paints with a palette knife


This is also a week of bird paintings – these three are my Saturday kids, August, Madison and Emily


Karen and Gabriel


Larry completed his landscape and flowers


Jesse is using his own photographs to paint from


Ann completed her granddaughters portrait


Leona started one of her grandson holding her dog


And last, Ann completed the umbrella one painted on the rough board


This is a lot for you to view but I hope you enjoy seeing both the kids and the adults works.  Please feel free to share feedback with us and watch for next weeks updates.

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