Back in the swing of classes

Heathers knight


Almost everyone back this past week…Still missing Sarah, Kenny, Robin, Sandy, Jenny, Abby and Bugsby but we expect them soon. It’s so much fun when everyone is here, I miss you all.

Everyone is excited to be working on new works and some of these are complete. Heather completed her Cabell County Knight for the school, and sorry about the glare. I took this photo after she put in the frame. The funny cows belong to Gail and I and they are on a very large canvas…almost complete and they are so funny looking. Gail is giving hers to her grandson and I guess I’ll put mine in the gallery for sale next week. Sharon completed her grand daughter at the beach and started the lamp post and it is actually on the street of her home town… Love to paint memories.We welcomed a new gal to my Saturday class, August. I think she is nine and this is her first painting. Her and Sarah picked the same subject (the fish) and they turned out really cute. Karen completed her Santa and started her dog Fiona in that “pop art” style. She’s leaving for vacation soon so hope she gets to complete before she leaves so I can post next week. And last is Loretta and Bethany (mother and daughter). Both are working on the heron birds…Bethany is doing one of my favorite things to put in paintings, reflections. Can’t wait to see this one finished.
Karens pop art dog








Lorettas heron


Olivias dog


Sarahs fish

Sharons lightpost


Augusts fish


Bethanys heron


Gails funny cow


PattiPattis cow



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