Many complete this week

This is a bunch for you to see this week…several are mine I was just trying to get done before my shoulder surgery Thursday as I probably won’t be able to paint for a while. Names are under each one so you can see who did what…feel free to comment. We always enjoy your feedback.

Augusts piglet


Emeral Ilse pelicans


Heathers pop art buffalo


Olivias dragon


Pattis cow


Pattis peacock feathers


Pattis pelicans


Patti’s “Emerald Isle Pelicans”

Pattis running horses


pelican closeup

Close up of “Emerald Isle Pelicans”

Robins spoons


Sharons mouse cups


Sharons teapot


2 thoughts on “Many complete this week”

  1. These are so fun. I wish I could be there!

    The Cow is so funny. I like the colors and the grid.

    The spoons are creative – I like the background and shadow the best.

    Can’t wait to see more of the pop-art Heather is doing.

    1. Patti’s painting class has been the best recent addition to my life! Now I can’t live without it. And thanks to her daughter Kim for helping me paint the “Blue vase with flowers”

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