Update on the elephant

Only have to add the tusk and lots of dust at the charging feet of the elephant. ┬áNot so concerned with the feet as they’ll be covered up with the dust. ┬áHope you’ve enjoyed following my progress.


elephant update

2 thoughts on “Update on the elephant”

  1. I have to go to UK July 10 still waiting for a liver also going to ask one of my of my surgeons if I can get back to my painting classes. I would like for you to finish my one I had started if you have time I will let you know when or if I can get back to the thing I really love

    1. Hi Sandy – So sorry I just saw this and Tim are certainly praying for your recovery. I’d be glad to finish the one you started but yours was coming along so well, I hate to add anything to it. Think I’ll wait until after you talk to your surgeon to see if you can come back soon, if not, let me know and I’ll work on it for you. Please let me know how you are…I sincerely miss having your humor and personality in class.

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